Hi, I'm Hannah!

I graduated with my degree in mechanical engineering in 2021 and have since started working at one of the top medical device companies in the country.


I chose engineering for the same reason many people do: I liked math and science, I wanted to help people, and I hoped it would give me a decent salary when I graduated!


When I started college, I had no idea what major to choose, I had a hard time fitting in with other engineering students, and I struggled to find internships. Even after my first internship, I was left seriously questioning if engineering was right for me. I started as a struggling engineering student but finished with three internships under my belt and my dream job lined up. My goal is to help others do the same.


Throughout my engineering education, I was faced with the same problem. Lack of relevant information. Most of my google inquiries were met with generic articles that didn’t answer my specific questions. My guidance counselors, while nice, hadn’t faced the challenges I was facing.


Navigating the world of engineering is hard and engineering students often aren’t given the resources they need to succeed.


That’s why Guide to Engineering was founded. I wanted a way to share relevant and helpful information for prospective and current engineering students. This website aims to help its readers pick the right major for the job and future they want. I aim to share detailed information on surviving your engineering classes, making the most of your college experience, and landing your dream internship or job!


No matter where you are on your engineering journey, I hope to be able to help you.