What to Wear to an Engineering Internship Interview

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With engineering internship interviews, you want to dress to impress. How you present yourself is the first thing the interviewer will notice. You want to make a good first impression.

Deciding what to wear to an engineering internship interview can be a daunting task. In this article we’ll discuss options for interview attire and recommendations for where to buy attire. We’ll discuss the best options for both men and women to have you looking your best for your interview!

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Men’s Engineering Internship Interview Attire

When it comes to men’s interview attire, keep it simple. The attire for engineering companies is typically business casual. A button down and slacks is dressy enough for interviews, although a blazer or even a suit is appropriate as well if you want to dress up a bit more.

Here are some options for interview outfits and accessories. If you’re looking for some affordable options, we’ve included some Amazon product recommendations for some items.

Best places to shop for men’s interview attire

  • Macys – best for dress shirts, affordable suits, ties
  • Nordstroms – best for shoes and nicer suits, shirts and ties
  • Bonobos – best for pants and dress shirts
  • Amazon – best for affordable accessories

Button-down and slacks

what to wear to internship interview. Dress shirt

A button-down and slacks is the safest option for interviews. It’s a classic look and will always look professional. Don’t pick any crazy colors for the shirt. You don’t want a crazy patterned or colored shirt to take any attention away from you. When in doubt, go for a solid blue or white top and black slacks. Pair the outfit with a matching belt and shoes.


engineering internship interview blazer

A button-down and slacks is usually appropriate for internship interviews, but if you want to dress it up a bit more, add a blazer for a more professional touch. Make sure the blazer matches the pants. Another option is to add a tie instead of a blazer. If you’re going with this option. Make sure you pick a tie that is either a solid color or a simple pattern.


engineering internship suit

If you’re looking to go above and beyond, you can wear a full suit. It’s not necessary, but it also won’t hurt. Go with a classic color suit (black, navy, etc), and a non-distracting tie. Also, make sure your shoes and belt match appropriately. So if you wear a navy suit, don’t wear black shoes.



Making sure your shoes and belt match is an easy way to elevate your look. This means brown shoes with a matching brown belt or black shoes with a matching black belt. Another great accessory is a watch. A nice watch can make you look more professional and put-together.

Women’s Engineering Internship Interview Attire

It can be harder to shop for women’s internship interview attire. There is a wider range of options that are considered interview appropriate. The best option is to dress in a way that is professional but true to yourself. If you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, you will carry that into your interview. We’ve included the best places to shop for interview attire as well as some Amazon product recommendations for more affordable options.

Best places to shop for women’s women’s interview attire

  • Zara – best for trousers (we especially love their high waisted pants)
  • Madewell – best for quality shoes and accessories
  • Macys – best for blazers and suits
  • TJ Maxx/H&M – best for affordable work blouses
  • Banana Republic – best for higher quality work blouses

Slacks and a blouse

what to wear to internship interview

Good fitting slacks and a nice blouse is the female equivalent of a button-down and slacks. It’s classy and professional. You can also easily dress up the outfit with the right shoes and accesories.


A blazer is a great way to add a little more professionalism to your outfit. If you chose to go with a blazer, make sure it fits right and isn’t too oversized. Also, make sure it matches your slacks. This can either be an exact match (like solid black with solid black) or a pattern match. For a pattern match, chose a patterned pant OR blazer and make the other solid. For example, pair black and grey plaid trousers with a black blazer. When wearing a blazer, opt for skinny ankle-length trousers. This is a more modern, in-style look.


internship dress

Professional dresses are also a great option for interviews, so long as you’re comfortable in them. But again, dresses are definitely unnecessary. Female engineers rarely wear dresses to work and it’s not expected in interviews. If you do choose a dress, make sure it’s appropriate. This means at least knee length and shoulder-covering. Also, go for either a solid or simple pattern and colors that aren’t too bold. Again, you want the attention to be on you, not your outfit.


internship interview suit

If you want to go business-professional with a full suit, then more power to you. A pants suit or skirt suit would be appropriate for an interview. Just keep in mind that it’s not necessary to wear one or go out and buy one for the interview. Business casual or even slacks and a blazer is perfectly appropriate.


internship interview shoes

When it comes to shoes, skip the heels. Especially, in engineering, it is very uncommon to see women engineers wearing heels to work. That being said, if you’re totally comfortable and confident in heels then go for it! But if you’re not so comfortable in heels, then it’s perfectly appropriate to wear professional flats.


internship interview accessories

Accessories can really make an outfit look put together. When it comes to accessories, keep them simple and non-distracting. Go for simple jewely and watches. This is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate your outfit.

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